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Halloween party u 5.a
Renata Kotarac Dominka Debak / datum: 3. 11. 2017. 12:13

Last thursday we had a spooky Halloween party in our class. We had to do it on November 2nd because on October 31st we had a big test. I dressed up as the Grim Reaper. On the way to school I met some of my school friends. I had some problems putting on my costume, but my friends helped me. When I finally succeeded, my English teacher was scared and told me to get away from her. But isn`t that what Halloween is all about?! After we put on our costumes, we had to exit the classroom and wait until it was our turn to introduce ourselves.

So let me introduce you to our spooky, scary guests.

We had a cowboy, straight from the Wild West. We had Harley Quinn, an antihero from the Batman movie, good news is she didn`t have her baseball bat with her. A big orange pumpkin, a male ballerina in a pink dress. Then there was a spooky ghost and her twin sister was a monster. Scary family! But what kind of Halloween party would it be without a Pirate with his signature red ribbon?! And have you ever seen a Halloween party without a witch? Witches are essential part of Halloween. And last, but certainly not least, we had a visit from an agent 007 himself – James Bond. I am a huge fan of the agent 007 movies so I was pretty happy to see someone dressed up as him.

After we briefly introduced ourselves the teacher congratulated us on our choice of costumes. But I had to take off my mask just to talk to her, because she was so scared. Without the mask I looked like a headless horseman from the Halloween story that was told on the All souls`day. After that she told us our tests` results and I assure you that that scared some pupils more than the Halloween masks.

I`ve had a fun time at the costume party and I hope we`ll do it again next year.

Until then enjoy these rhymes…


Horseman rise…

Your time is high…

You felt death once…

Now, know demise!

It is over, your search is done,

Let fate choose now, the righteous one.


David K., 5.a



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